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In line with regulation introduced by the Competition Markets Authority, please find our Standardised Price List and other required documents below.

 We Take a Great Amount of Pride in What We Do

These prices may seem a little confusing due to the Regulatory way in which we have to show them. Please let us know if you are unsure about anything or see the link below to our full price packages which may make things clearer for you.

Standardised Prices

Additional Options

Other Prices Lists

The Funeral Markets Investigation Order 2021 requires Funeral Directors to
display specific price information provided by Crematorium Operators to make
it easier for customers to access up-to-date information. Also we must provide  prices for optional extra services we or 4rd parties may supply. the following pdf files have this information for you to see.

Crematorium price list
Disclosure of Interests
Terms & Conditions

“Please call if you are unsure about any pricing options, we are always here to discuss any different ideas you may have about our funeral services”

A Helping Hand When Times Are Tough

Bereavement Support

When someone passes

a guide of what to do in certain circumstances after a death.

How do i register a death

Registering the death help and how to do it?

Arranging a funeral

What you need to find out and do?

Grave ownership

What does it mean to own a grave plot and who should own it?

Helpful links

Some links to outside sources for help

Cremations in doncaster

doncaster cremation information and help

What we can offer to our families

Here's a few added options and ideas for adding something extra to the  funeral service


We are a Member of the Society Of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF)

K. Dixon Saif

What types of coffin we do

What type to choose ??? There are many different options and types.


Traditional Coffins

Personalised Coffins

Eco Friendly Coffins

Carved Coffins

Funeral Information

Here's some information about us on the links to the right.

Ashes Jewellery

EverWith memorial jewellery.

Urns & Keepsakes

Urns and other ideas for keeping your loved ones ashes close to you.

Angel wings memorial

Headstones & Plaques.

Ashes Into Space

Celebrate a spectacular person with a spectacular send off.

Ashes Fireworks

Ashes shot into the air with a dramatic colourful display.

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