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Scattering ashes in space


Celebrate a spectacular person with a spectacular send off: scatter their ashes in space. We carry our passenger’s ashes in a unique intelligent scatter vessel to 100,000 feet above the Earth, into the vacuum of Near Space. Set against the beautiful view of our planet, the ashes are released in a gentle cascade.

From here, they spend the next 3–6 months travelling around the globe, spreading out across the entire planet. Ultimately, they re-enter the troposphere, where they seed the formation of clouds and fall back to Earth as raindrops and snowflakes all over the world.

The ascent and release are captured on video to create a treasured memorial film of the event.


Scatter your loved one’s ashes in space and create a beautiful personalised video memorial.


Fulfill a lifelong dream of going into space, sending a ceremonial portion of ashes on an incredible final journey.


A breathtaking final journey to be scattered in space captured on camera in a beautiful, personalised video memorial.


Celebrate an incredible final journey with a beautiful, personalised video memorial showing the ascent and release of the ashes into space. The Memorial Launch can be booked for a departed loved one, or you can secure your own Memorial Launch and ensure your wishes will be carried out.

​Suited to those who were adventurous or passionate about travelling, our space funeral package provides a final journey like no other. Following your unique space scattering burial ceremony, the ashes are carried around the world on stratospheric winds, encircling the globe and joining with the Earth’s atmosphere over the following weeks and months before finally returning to Earth in raindrops and snowflakes.

When you first reach out to our team, your personal service manager will discuss your requirements, answer any questions you have and help you select a suitable launch window for the flight to take place. We’ll arrange for the ashes to be brought into our care at the appropriate time and collect all the information to create a personalised memorial video following the launch.

​As the target launch date approaches, we’ll keep you informed of the planning process, letting you know when the launch and scattering will happen pending final verification from airspace regulators and local air traffic control.

Package includes

Memorial Launch

After the launch is complete, we’ll put together a beautiful memorial video incorporating a piece of music of your choice and any images, video or messages you want to include. This will be shared directly on your choice of USB or DVD, along with a flight certificate recording the details of the launch. All digital memorial items will also be hosted on the dedicated memorial page on our website along with messages of love and support from friends and family.

Filming the Moment

We’ll take the footage captured on your flight and create a memorial video. This will show the ascent into space and the moment of scattering. We can integrate a piece of music and images of your choice into the video.

Film Keepsake

The memorial video will be sent on an Aura Flights USB device or DVD in a tasteful presentation box.

Memorial Page

We’ll create a digital memorial page, hosted on our website, as a lasting archive of your memorial video and certificate. We can include any text, images or video you’d like to share and friends and family can leave messages of love and support and share their own memories of the departed.

Digital Certificate

We produce a beautiful digital certificate, signed by the directors of Aura Flights, which details the date and time of the scatter.

For a small step into space only £495


For the explorers, adventurers, those always on the move, the Voyager Launch is the ultimate final journey that makes real a lifelong dream of travelling to space. We launch a ceremonial portion of the ashes on one of our monthly shared flights. The ashes are then transferred into a premium miniature urn and returned, along with a certificate noting the details of the flight and an image of the unique view from peak altitude.

Package includes


The Voyager Launch allows you to commemorate your loved one’s passion for space while keeping them close. This is the perfect option for families on a tighter budget, or to add an extra special element to another process of memorialising a loved one using their ashes. As with all packages, you can book a Voyager Launch for yourself as well

Start Process

When you book a Voyager package, we send out an ash vial and filling kit or bring to us and we will fill it for you. Then either we or you will send the vial to aura flights.


We email you to confirm that we’ve received the vial and let you know when the next flight is scheduled with your loved one’s ashes on board. All launches are completed within one month from receipt of ash, subject to weather.

The Journey

On the next scheduled Voyager launch day, your loved one’s ashes travel on a breathtaking final journey to space and back down to earth.

Back Home

We’ll let you know when the flight is complete and your loved one’s ashes are sent back, additional memorial items are also available to celebrate the journey.


We return the ashes in a beautiful miniature urn, along with a digital flight certificate, a picture of the Earth taken on the flight and any additional memorial items.



Very moving. I highly recommend this to anyone for the ashes of a relative, especially one who had an interest in space.

I look up at the blue sky and the clear starry nights differently since dad’s ashes were sent up there…
…so much more than just a ride into space.

I look up at the blue sky and the clear starry nights differently since dad’s ashes were sent up there…
…so much more than just a ride into space.

Thank you again for the wonderful sendoff for my dad. Everything was perfect



You may have many questions about our space service please ask if you want to know anything

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