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Choosing a casket

When someone passes, the choosing of a casket/coffin can seem unimportant. However on the funeral day it can make a big difference on how your loved ones are remembered.


Is becoming much more regular when choosing how a funeral should be and there are lots of options for coffins or caskets.
Solid wood coffins in doncaster are often used for burials and for cremations maybe a vaneer or wood effect maybe be more suitable and cheaper option.

Eco-friendly coffins in doncaster are made of sustainable and biodegradable materials, such as bamboo, banana, pine and willow. By using materials that are grown and harvested sustainably means that eco coffins have a lower impact on the environment.

Cardboard coffins are made out of biodegradable cardboard. Cardboard coffins can be customised with eco-friendly paint and photographs, making them a unique and personal option. Out of all the eco-friendly coffins in doncaster cardboard is considered the most biodegradable option.

Traditional Wood Casket Types

Foil Wood Effect Coffins

A range of entry cost-effective wood effect coffins. Made using MDF or chipboard laminated with paper printed in a variety of wood effects. The coffins are constructed and polished to a high standard but cannot be hand finished like a veneer coffin. 

Vaneer coffins

Made with a real hardwood coating, veneered coffins offer a highly polished finish in either oak, elm or mahogany . A cost-effective impressive looking option, suitable for both traditional burials and cremations.

Solid Wood

Built from real hardwood, a solid wood coffin is the finest quality. and often used for burials.

The Vaneer and solid wood can have many carving options into all 4 sides if you wish.

What we can do

Other Options

Coloured Coffins

There are lots of different choices for colours too

Coffin colour options

also the carving into the coffin can be done in a different colour than the coffin colour

Something different

Picture Themed Coffins

Striking and sophisticated wooden printed coffins, sensitively themed to capture the personality and enduring memories of a loved one. Every image tells a story, so it is not surprising that more and more people are opting for a picture coffin when making funeral arrangements.

Our Mission

To provide the perfect coffin to reflect the memories of your loved ones

Get Involved

Why not come up with you own design that we will get printed for you on the coffin this can be a drawing/painting or simply a few sets of photos. You can even have a cardboard or blackboard coffin that you and family can draw on or leave messages ?


These can be made in around 4-5 days which most of the time will be plenty before the service will take place.

How will it look

We will give you a mockup of how it will look before being made!!

Inside the coffin too

We can even print the interior with patterened inside fabric!!

Popular Coffin Choices

The Tutbury

Veneered oak effect printed coffin
MDF wrapped oak mouldings
Gloss finish

The York

Veneered oak coffin
Solid oak mouldings
High gloss finish

The Rutland

Veneered oak coffin
Solid oak mouldings
High gloss finish

Uk Style Caskets

The personalised range of Artiste coffins and caskets, bespoke coffins, Britannia Caskets and ashes caskets, offers the ultimate in personalisation. We can match to any colour, engrave any name in a choice of fonts, engrave logos or favourite designs – perfect for the most individual of farewells. Speak to us about whatever engraved coffin, colourful coffin, coloured casket or bespoke coffin your require.

American Style Casket

This premium range of American caskets are manufactured from only the finest solid wood or metal. Available in a variety of styles and colours, each features a wonderfully crafted interior and matching handles. These are the ultimate coffin choice!!.

Things to decide when choosing


  • Wood Effect
  • Vaneer Wood
  • Solid Wood
  • Wicker
  • Pictures
  • Cardboard


It Seems like there are lots of options when it comes to choosing a coffin and there are. But try and think what would reflect you loved ones personailty.

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What types of coffin we do

What type to choose ??? There are many different options and types.


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Personalised Coffins

Eco Friendly Coffins

Carved Coffins

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