An Affordable, Professional Service

We are a family run Funeral Directors in Doncaster based in Balby,.

opposite the white church on the A630

We are committed to offering you total peace of mind and we promise to guide, support and lead you through a difficult

and sad time.

For many of you this will be the first time arranging a funeral  and we know how difficult this can be.

We are the only funeral directors in the doncaster area to have an on site florist and stone mason so we can guide you through every aspect of

arranging the funeral you want,with the floral tributes made as you require,

through to help and advice choosing a fitting memorial. We mainly specialize in doncaster crematorium funerals at rosehill and burials in the doncaster area cemeteries.

What we can do to make sure you get what you want for your loved ones..


Many funeral directors in doncaster will guide you through the funeral arrangements.

Due to our on site expertise we will advise you on all aspects including

choosing the flowers and consulting you on the right cemeteries and the right burial or cremation plot

to suit any kind of monument/memorial you may want to erect  in the future, when you are ready.

This advice can be so important and is often overlooked, meaning you may not be able to get the memorial you wish for to

represent your loved ones memory, if you have been assigned the incorrect cemetery or church plot due to planning permissions.

We will help and advise you of all this, to ensure your peace of mind that your loved ones journey is right from beginning to end.


Call us on 01302 560641 for doncaster funeral services and advice, 24 hours a days 365 days a year



What To Do When

Someone Passes Away


What happens, and things you

might need to think about,

after someone dies.

Funeral Plans


Funeral services in UK are getting more expensive,

paying for your own funeral in advance

can make it easier for those left behind

What are the costs of a funeral


Doncaster crematorium funerals, Burials or a

bespoke service to meet your requirements

As most funeral services in uk lately have been really stressful during the pandemic

we have tried to make things as easy as possible for our families at this difficult time.

There are many funeral directors in Doncaster,

but we try to offer much more with our on site florist, memorial mason and design team.

And Doncaster crematorium funerals at rosehill now offer many multimedia options during the service,

we have a team that can create slideshows, videos, music videos and more often at no cost to yourselves.

A lot of funeral directors in doncaster area out source many of these services which we can do on site and provide

to you included in our fees.


We will also support you and talk you through the whole process.


This includes help with:


  •     Doncaster crematorium funerals or burial Paperwork for the council
  •     What needs to be arranged for the service (i.e. vicars/celebrants or ministers)
  •     Looking after your loved one the way you want at our premises (not at a holding facility)
  •     Designing and creating orders of service (we print these in house free of charge)
  •     Helping choose the right grave plot for your loved ones that will suit you memorial requests
  •     Helping you choose flowers (as the only funeral directors in doncaster area to provide free casket flowers with all our funerals)
  •     Talking to doctors/coroners or hospital staff on your behalf




210 Warmsworth Road