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As modern technology advances, so to have funerals and crematoriums.

the days of searching through loads of cds to find 2 or 3 songs are long gone. Nowadays most crematoriums have full multimedia systems in place with music libraries with millions of songs and often dozens of versions of the same song by different artists. They can live stream the service, provide video or picture slideshows and even offer dvd keepsakes the service.

Many Options

  • Find your loved one’s favourite music from millions of tracks

  • Create a beautiful Visual Tribute with photos, video and music

  • Live Stream the service to family and friends with a high-quality Webcasts

  • View the service at a more convenient time with on-demand Watch Again

  • Download a copy to keep forever

  • Preserve the moment with a professionally edited and presented Keepsake DVD, USB or Blu-ray


Music is a simple and powerful way to make a funeral service truly personal. Because we know it’s so important, we go above and beyond to help you find the music that meant the most to your loved one.


  • Access to millions of tracks from an ever-growing library
  • If you can’t find a track, we can ask them to search for it and add it
  • We can play pieces personally recorded by the family

video Picture slideshow

We save you money on all slideshows because we do them for you at K.Dixon Funerals, so you save on the editing fees the council charges and when we do it you can also have much more than the 25 photo limit !!

Visual Tributes !

Doncaster Rosehill Crematorium

  • A favourite single photo of a loved one, shown throughout the service,
  • A slideshow of up to 25 photos with fade transitions
  • A professionally edited Pro Tribute, set to music with up to 25 photos or video snippets
  • Videos created by the family

This is a webcast of one of our funeral services which also includes a video slideshow during the service. Please note the quality has been reduced for the purpose of this website.

Web Streams !

Sometimes its impossible for some family or friends to attend the funeral service, whether its health reasons or they are just to far away. There are options in most crematoriums to live stream the service so they can feel apart of the day with you.

Options are:

  • View the service live from any online device which can access the internet ie: computers,ipads, phones etc.
  • There’s an option to keep this link open for 28 days
  • also you can buy on DVD, BluRay or USB

Doncaster Crematorium

These prices below are 3rd party charges what DMBC council charge, we make no moneys from these’s fees



Single photo   No Charge

Extra single photo £12.00

Slideshow 25 photos £38.00

Extra 25 photos added  £21.00


Live Streams


Live Online Webscast Link £30.00

Same as above with 28 day access £45.00

Keepsake on DVD, BluRay or USB £50.00

Extra Copies (each) £25.00

Downloadable Copy (each) £25.00



Family Made Video £18.00

Professional tribute (inc music) £70.00

K.Dixon Funerals can do the professional tribute  or slideshows for you. And you will be able to have as many photos as possible to fit and you will only have to pay the £18.00

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Our Services

To save you money we will create the slideshow or video clips for you saving you £68 in council production fees all we need is song ideas and your video clips or pictures . Here’s a few examples

trees in park
cheerful aged women smiling and watching video online on smartphone

What you say about us!!

Well where do i start….. I cannot say thankyou enough to Kevin for the personal, professional service that he provided to myself and our family during this sad time he made sure personally that everything was in place and every detail was dealt with by himself even on the day he was there and made sure things went smoothly. He would go out of his way to help us and nothing was too much trouble. He kept in touch with us every step of the way from the moment we first spoke to even the aftercare after the service which we are still receieving the service he provided was impeccable. Thanks also to Kevin’s wife the florist who did the funeral arrangement they were truly beautiful. Would highly recommend Kevin to anyone without a doubt. Will be always grateful to you Kevin thankyou.
Kindest Regards
Carolyn & Michael Barton xx

woman sitting on floor

What a wonderful person. My Mum was given the best send off by Kevin and his colleagues and she had the most beautiful flowers by his wife. I could not have asked for more. Such a personalised and professional service. I would highly recommend to any of my family and friends. Would definitely use K Dixon Funerals and Maisiebloem again. Thank you for making my Mum’s day perfect. Lisa

Kevin is a very caring and professional man who took care of our funeral perfectly.
His prices are very reasonable and I would highly recommend his services.
He takes the worry out of the day by delivering a funeral that goes perfectly.
The flowers were beautiful too. Its a good reliable family business that he should be very proud of.

It’s Going to be the Perfect send off!

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