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At the moment theres only one doncaster crematorium

there are others out of area if you wish to travel further. Further information below.

Rosehill Crematorium Doncaster

is where around 70% of funerals in doncaster are held.
At Doncaster Rosehill Crematorium the service normally lasts about 40 minutes. The service can include the eulogy, hymms music and pictures or videos. Then the funeral director will direct family and friends outside into an area where they can congregate, give their condolences to the deceased’s family and see the flower and wreaths before moving on to the wake. Rosehill has the following facilities :-

Photo Screen
Live Webcast
Video Keepsakes
Family Made Video
One Hour service option
Professional Video
Picture Slideshow

How It Works

What happens at a cremation service?


Mourners arrive at Rosehill crematorium doncaster. They will assemble outside in the car park area or under the canopy awaiting the arrival of the hearse.



Either family or bearers provided by us will carry or wheel the coffin into the crematorium. It’s then placed on a platform called a catafalque which is raised off the floor, near the front for all to see. Mourners will be shown to a seating area



The funeral director will leave and the vicar, celebrant, sometimes family member or friend, will host the service. Which will include all the songs,hymns, eulogy and readings previously decided by the family.



The committal at a cremation is the point when the coffin is removed from view at the end of service. This is normally done by the closing of a curtain, different from a burial which is normally the coffin being lowered into the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What happens

What paperwork is needed for the cremation?

Green form from the registrar, a form which the funeral director will fill in and ask the family to sign and a doctors form.

What if a coroner is involved

If a loved one dies suddenly or unexpectedly, the coroner will be involved. In this case, the paperwork will be handled by the coroner instead of the doctor. And also the green form isnt neeeded in this case.

What can you put in a coffin for cremation?

Perishable items like wooden toys, books, flowers and photographs can be cremated with your loved one. No watches or phones or anything with a battery in it.

Are cremations done individually?

Yes, individuals must be cremated separately it is the law.

What happens to the ashes?

The ashes will be placed inside a basic container to be given back to the family. A wide choice of traditional caskets, biodegradable urns or scatter tubes can be purchased.

Service Info

How long does it take to get ashes back?

Most crematoriums return a loved one’s ashes one working day after the cremation. Although this may depend on when the funeral director or family member can collect them for you.

Who gets the ashes after cremation?

Whoever signs the cremation application form is the only person who can collect the ashes from the crematorium or the funeral director. There is no clear law saying who can possess a loved one’s ashes, which can lead to tough divisions in a family if not decided quickly. To avoid this problem, many families choose the executor of the will to take possession, while others give responsibility to those in contact with the funeral directors or the relative closest to the deceased.

What do I do with the ashes?

You can arrange through your funeral director for the ashes to be scattered or buried in a cemetery, you can keep them at home or scatter them at a special place of meaning.

Can i have some jewellery made

Yes we can help you with this. Take a look at our Jewellery Page.

Other Crematoriums

in the area

Rotherham Crematorium

Ridgeway, Rotherham S65 3NN

One of the other closest crematoriums especially to Mexbrough and conisbrough families. But unlike Doncaster Rosehill crematorium which is owned by doncaster council, Rotherham Crematorium is owned privately by Dignity Funeral Group. And is therefore a little more expensive.

Barnby Moor Crematorium

Diggles Lodge Lane, Ranby Retford, DN22 8QJ

A very modern Crematorium near retford this is owned by the Memoria group. Prices can be a little confusing as theres many options depending on time of day. 

Barnsley Crematorium

Doncaster Rd, Barnsley S71 5EH

Also quite close by is Barnsley crematorium which is run by Barnsley Council. Very similar in costs to doncaster crematorium.


Babworth Crematorium

Straight Mile, Babworth, Nottinghamshire DN22 8FJ

Another close to retford privately owned by the Westerleigh Group. Prices very silmilar to Barnby Moor

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