What Is A Funeral Celebrant And What Do They Do?


A funeral celebrant is the main host of a funeral or celebration of life and officiates at the service.

They can be religious or non-religious and they lead the funeral, as well as introducing other people who may want to be a part of the ceremony.


What Do i Do?


You can be as involved as you wish in creating the ceremony . Taking an active part in your loved one’s service may be important for you and your family


Who can it be?


It can be anyone we have celebrants who we work closely with who we can recommend for you. It could  be a member of the clergy,a civil celebrant, a family member or even a friend or neighbour a civil celebrant can support everyone to feel included and keep plans running smoothly if things get emotional. Even If the person who died was not a regular church goer or worshipper, they may still have wanted a religious service led by a minister of faith.


What does a civil celebrant do?


Civil celebrant services have no religious content, although if the family want prayers and hymns to be included they can organize this with the celebrant and he will also discuss what’s to be said and shared during the civil service.


What does the funeral celebrant help with?


They help you plan the order of service to reflect how the person should be remembered.

They’ll usually meet with you and any family or friends involved to discuss your wishes and ideas.

If you don’t live close by then you can keep in regular touch by phone and email.

If they don’t already know you or the deceased, then they will spend time learning from you about the person and what they meant to everyone, what they believed in, also how they affected peoples lives and what it means now they have gone.

They may use this to write an eulogy which they may deliver during the service.

Most can also add humour for families who wish this to be included especially if the deceased like a laugh and joke.

If you are giving a eulogy, doing a reading, or perhaps singing, the funeral celebrant will introduce you when its time to do so.






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