Self-Fire Fireworks

We will place your loved ones ashes into fireworks for you to take home or to some place special for a more private display.

Ashes Firework Displays

Our firework displays are designed to your specific requirements whether that be a special colour scheme to match the loved ones favourite football team or choreographed to their favourite piece of music.


Sending the Ashes

Although we don’t actually make the fireworks, K.Dixon Funerals do all the arranging for you we will collect a small portion or all the ashes depending on what you have chosen and send them to Heavenly fireworks to be made for you.

Fireworks to set off at home or anywhere you choose….

All the following have either a small ammount of ashes or all of the ashes as described in the information.

    Celebration of Life - £399.00

    This 256 shot single ignition barrage provides a series of outstanding effects including stunning crackling comet tails to silver popcorn crackle, to gold tails with vibrant red and green stars followed by a glittering silver blink and multicolour peonies with a quick multi-shot finale. This firework incorporates 200g of your loved one’s ashes.

    Spirit in the Sky - £399.00

    The Spirit in the Sky low noise 170 shot barrage offers a variety of mixed effects and firing angles to fill the sky with delightful effects including a blue tail to white strobe waterfall, silverfish with blue core, red and green falling leaves and stunning glittering gold brocade horsetail over a 2-minute duration. This firework incorporates 200g of your loved ones’ ashes.

    Ashes Tribute Rockets - £399.00

    These wonderful rockets will fill the sky with amazing big bursting effects, including stunning golden crackle flowers, vivid blue and green peony, purple coconut with cauliflower and not forgetting the beautiful gold blink willow. This firework incorporates 200g of your loved one’s ashes.

    Remembrance Package - £745.00

    This popular mini-memorial display combines our stunning 256 shot Celebration of Life Firework with Four of our big ashes tribute rockets, with effects reaching into over 200ft in the air, sending your loved one off in style. The tribute package incorporates 400g of your loved one’s ashes.

    Legacy Package - £1095.00

    The larger legacy packages offers one of the 256 shot Celebration of Life barrages, with 8 of our large ashes rockets launching your loved one into the heavens. This tribute packages incorporates 600g of your loved ones ashes.

    Sentiment Package - £1,445.00

    The Elegance packages offer one of the 256 shot Celebration of Life barrages, and one of the Spirit in the Sky barrages with 8 of our large ashes rockets launching your loved one into the heavens. This tribute package incorporates 800g of your loved one’s ashes.

    The Grand Send Off Package - £4395.00

    The Grand Send-Off offers the full incorporation of your loved one’s ashes into a selection of ten barrages and 12 large rockets to create a stunning tribute to your loved one

    Your Fireworks

    Here’s some information

    All the tribute fireworks and processes have been designed, tested and quality checked to ensure that they are of the highest standard to provide your loved one with a spectacular send off into the skies.

    What if its raining ?

    Your Fireworks will fire in the rain and the effects will go to the same height. We recommend that your wrap your firework in cling film to protect it. Fireworks will fire through a single thin layer of cling film. The green fuse that you light is the most susceptible to damp conditions. Do not leave your fireworks out in the rain or on damp ground for a long period before firing.

    What happens to the ashes

    The ashes are evenly distributed and combined with each tube of the fireworks and are ejected into the air when each shot explodes.

    Lighting the fireworks

    Every order includes a Guide to Safety. Always read the instructions  carefully, well before the event. On the night, it is advisable to wear gloves, ear, head and eye protection. Avoid loose or unbuttoned clothing. When unpacking the Fireworks keep away from naked flames and inflammable material. Never smoke when handling or lighting fireworks. Always light fireworks at arms length, and under no circumstances lean over a firework. Never go back to a firework if it fails to ignite.

    Legal Firing Times

    It is illegal to let fireworks off after 11pm at night and before 7am in the morning except New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year, which is 1am, and November 5th, which is Midnight.

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