Arranging a funeral.

It can be a traumatic and confusing time after someone dies. People often say ask yourself what the person who has died would have wanted.

Once you have registered the death, you can then make an appointment to see us and arrange the funeral

What you need to find out ?


  • Did the person who passed away have a Will or a funeral plan ?
  • Did they have any funeral wishes ?
  • Has the deceased pre purchased a plot ?
  • Do all the family and friends know of the passing and would they like to be at the funeral ?
  • Does the deceased already own a plot they wish to be interred into, if so where is it  ?
  • Are there any particular dates or times that would not be suitable for the funeral service? (maybe some family are travelling a large distance)
  • Is the funeral to be a religious or non-religious service ?
  • Have you decided where you would like the funeral service to take place ? (Doncaster crematorium, church or cemetery chapel for example)
  • Do you have your own vicar in mind to perform the service ?
  • Do your family members require limousine transport for the funeral or will you be using your own cars ?
  • Are you eligable for funeral payments? ( it is dependent on your benefits, not those of the person who has died.)
  • Is there someone who perhaps isn’t comfortable speaking, but who might write down something that the celebrant can read out?

What you need to bring..

  • Are there any particular clothes that you would like the person who has passed away to be dressed in?
  • Any momentos to leave in the coffin
  • Photos you may want to include in the order of service or for slideshows during the service
  • Poems or readings you may want said at the service
  • The green form from the registrar ( if collected )

Things to decide

  • Would you, family or friends want to visit the deceased at our chapel of rest?
  • Do you want a specific type of coffin or a themed coffin
  • What if any pieces of music are to be played at the service?
  • Are there to be donations to a nominated charity?
  • Will you have a funeral reception after the service?
  • Do you want/need to purchase a burial or cremation plot? (maybe you already have a family plot?)
  • Are you having a celebrant or vicar for the service
  • What do you want to be said at the funeral ( stories or poems for example)
  • Does anyone want to speak at the service?
  • Do you want any extra touches like bagpipes or a dove release during/after the service?
  • Would you like people going to the funeral to wear black or something special, like a favourite colour?
  • Would you like people to send flowers or would you prefer them to make a donation to a charity of your choice?
  • Would you like people to  a wake afterwards?
  • Do you want a horse drawn hearse for the journey to the service?
  • Do you want children to attend or not?

Steps to Follow

Find out

Information from anyone about the service including what the deceased would have wanted?

Things to do or find

Such as clothes, photos, music and talk to friends & family


Theres lots of decisions reguarding the service options and when its going to be.

I would highly recommend this firm, the funeral director was so personal accommodating and friendly. The order of service was fantastic and the flowers were beautiful from the florist.


Thank you to Kevin for making very difficult times a little easier. We much appreciate all of the support, time and effort you put in to making funeral arrangements a little easier. Thank you.

 From the Barnett family

I would highly recommend K Dixon Funeral Directors they were very professional and helpful through a very stressful and upsetting situation. My mum was given the send off she deserved and Kevin looked after all the arrangements for us making it a much easier process. A very professional service at very reasonable prices.


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