Arranging a funeral


Once you have registered the death, you can then make an appointment to see us and arrange the funeral


Here's a few things to think about.....


  • Did the person who passed away have a Will or a funeral plan?
  • Does the deceased already own a plot they wish to be interred into if so where is it?
  • Has the deceased pre purchased a plot?
  • Do you want to purchase a burial or cremation plot?
  • Do you have the medical certificate of cause of death?
  • Have you registered the death?
  • Are there any particular dates that would not be suitable for the funeral service?
  • Are there any particular clothes that you would like the person who has passed away to be dressed in?
  • Would you like to visit the chapel of rest?
  • Have you decided whether the funeral service will be burial or cremation?
  • Is the funeral to be a religious or non-religious service?
  • Do you have your own vicar ?
  • Have you decided where you would like the funeral service to take place?
  • Do your family members require limousine transport for the funeral or will you be using your own cars?
  • Do all the family and friends know of the passing and would they like to be at the funeral?
  • Have you selected any pieces of music to be played?
  • Would you like orders of service and are there any particular photographs, readings, poems or pictures you would like to include?
  • Are there to be donations to a nominated charity?
  • Will you be placing a notice in the local paper?
  • Will you have a funeral reception after the service?










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